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Bill Weima and his racing pigeons dominate his combine with 6 wins

I had the pleasure of visiting Toronto on business in August this year. Even better, Guelph flyer Bill Weima took a day of his time to show me around his loft and let me handle some of his world-class racing pigeon stock. I have known Bill for a few years through conversation, but never have I met him in person. He has been a Kastle Pigeon customer from the beginning. Bill also help distribute our products to other local fanciers in his area.  The day I visited, I was lucky to watch some of Bill's pigeons arrive from a couple of races. He had already won his combine once or twice by then. And the wins kept coming. A few weeks...

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Testimonial: Charles Jonas of the San Antonio Racing Pigeon Club

Charles Jonas called me during his young bird season to let me know how the health of his birds was holding up since this was the first season he was using our products. He races in the San Antonio Limited RPC where they fly 7 A races and 7 B races in October, November and December.  He told me that the young bird sickness in his club is very predictable and was a concern that he was trying to address with as little medication as possible. At around the second week of shipping every year after the 150 mile race, the pigeons usually “get back home and start throwing up and stuff,” he said. This year, Charles’ team was on...

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Apple Instagram features my photos

In November, I was surprised (and somewhat skeptical) of an email I received from the marketing agency that represents Apple. They wanted to feature my photos of pigeons that I had taken with my iPhone. Just after Christmas, they published a photo and an Instagram Story to their 11 million followers!  It was a great honor and a great opportunity to reach a large audience to show them the beauty of our pigeons. Check the video below to see what the Intagram Story looked like.  And be sure to follow me on Instagram to see more photos!   View this post on Instagram “The pigeon is very much a maligned and underappreciated bird. They’ve even been called ‘rats with wings,’...

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