Twisted Mitten Loft wins big on Kastle Pigeon supplements

Steve Tacey and his son Steven started off their pigeon racing careers red hot.

The pair, who race together as Twisted Mitten Loft in the Frankenmuth Racing Pigeon Club out of Munger, Michigan, capped their first-ever season with a spectacular pigeon that most people wait a lifetime for.

With a beautiful red check hen, 6 AU 21 TACE, the Taceys swept two big state awards: 1st Ace Pigeon Michigan and 1st Hall of Fame Michigan.

Steven Tacey describes the hen as “small and always claiming the top perch.”

Running their team through the dark system and then the light system, the Taceys put in the work to hit the top of the page against as many as 600 birds in the Greater Michigan Open Combine. They train 5 days a week, putting their “heart and soul” into the sport.

“No one expected us to do anything our first year,” Steven said. “They told us to keep our expectations low. Well, when we do something we put 110% into it and I took that as a challenge. I reached out to Greg Warren in Omaha to learn how to feed, when to feed, and how much to feed for different conditions.”

Good birds, smart management, tough training and top health are always a winning combination. The Taceys wanted to keep to a natural health philosophy and decided to use the Kastle Pigeon products from start to finish with this hen.

“We ran Kastle Pigeon’s Breeder Advantage during the entire breeding season. Then we used Young Bird Developer Plus when weaning and during their early months in the race coop. We then ran Performance Advantage through all training and racing season. Acidifier Plus was in the water 4 times a week.”

“Every time the birds come in my dad says he gets goose bumps. It never gets old,” Steven said. “The birds might be arriving at noon but he will be out there at 8am waiting.”

When you have a fast hen like Tacey #6, it looks like they didn’t have to wait long.

Below are the results of Lady In Red, Tace #6

  • 4th 375b 318m Combine
  • 2nd 159b 228m club
  • 1st 76b 418m club
  • 3rd 179b 144m club
  • 14th 602b 228b combine
  • 3rd 85b 262b club
  • 1st Ace Pigeon Michigan
  • 1st Hall of Fame Pigeon Michigan
  • 5th National Hall of Fame
  • 15th National Ace Pigeon

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