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The Struggle is Real

I always single-toss my young birds, which takes quite a bit of time. When I get bored training my birds, I start to notice the little things around me. But I guess calling something "little" depends on your perspective. Sometimes the little things aren't so small. I noticed the little down pigeon feather slowly, methodically creeping along the asphalt at my feet. A closer look revealed an ant was at the wheel. Naturally, I decided to document the epic struggle of Ant Vs. Feather. I have no idea where he was going or why he wanted that feather. But to see that ant so determined and so driven gave me a moment of entertainment - and perspective. Watch till the end to...

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A Tale of Two Hens and Two Wins

Mark Evans holds GHC 6067 at the loft in Brooksville, Fl., on Friday, November 22, 2013. 12 GHC 13003 BC hen, now at the loft of Don Campbell, bred and flown by John Marles.  By David Stephenson Kastle Loft Nearly a year had passed when a pledge made in Florida in 2013 came true. As I stitch together the pieces of this story, it is only two days after the Ohio Classic Race (OCR), one of the biggest futurity races in Northern Ohio. The story begins, however, 11 months prior and nearly 700 miles further south in Brooksville Florida. It was at the 2014 AU Convention held in conjunction with the Gulfcoast Homing Club that I had the good fortune of...

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