George Lorenzo's Racing Pigeons stay healthy with Kastle Pigeon

George Lorenzo of Ki'Kaha Loft sent me some great photos of his birds at his loft in Kapolei, Hawaii. He's been a Kastle Pigeon customer for a while now and wanted me to see how great his birds (and their poop) looked. Take a look at some of his flock and read what he had to say about using Kastle Pigeon products below. 

"Hello guys in the past I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) in my birds water 2X's a week. Then add electrolytes, then add vitamins/minerals afterwards. I didn't want to deal with taking all these steps to achieve the best drinking water for my birds.
So, I came across this product called Acidifier Plus. I believe this is the best product on the market. Acidifier Plus has everything you need and some. It has an Acidifier• Probiotics• Electrolytes• Enzymes that promotes healthy gut, hydration, digestion, nutrition, and helps with heat stress all in one product. It's amazing and all natural.
My birds are more active, alert, has good appetite, has great droppings and healthy. Oh, and my birds love the taste! You definitely need Acidifier Plus in your daily health program for your birds."


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