About Kastle Pigeon

At a reception for equine journalists in Lexington, Kentucky, I had a chance meeting with Alltech® founder and president Dr. Pearse Lyons and his wife, Deirdre. (Dr. Lyons started selling yeast-based animal nutrition more than 30 years ago and has turned his company into a top 5 animal health company with $2.1 billion in sales and offices in 128 countries.)

As we sipped on some of Alltech's® new beers and talked about race horses, the subject quickly turned to racing pigeons and the great number of parallels between the two sports. Dr. Lyons' face lit up as he reminisced about watching old gentlemen bring their crates of race pigeons to the train stations in Ireland where he grew up.

Naturally, our discussion turned to supplements for the pigeons. As I talked about the needs of our pigeons, he talked about how his supplements would fit those needs.

Here we are many years later. I have had the good fortune to have the encouragement of Alltech's® nutritionists, and good friend D'Art Lykins who works at Alltech® only 6 miles down the road from my racing loft (as the pigeon flies). And we now have our first of what will be many formulations of health supplements for racing, show, or pet pigeons.

For decades, pigeon flyers have been forced to adapt their birds to livestock products through guesswork and trial and error (can you say "Red Cell"?). Through our unique relationship with Alltech®, we have developed products that are formulated just for the needs of our pigeons. No more guessing. 

I have been using Alltech® supplements with my racing pigeons for a few years and have been supplying many of my friends with them, too. And now I'm happy to be offering fanciers these professionally formulated supplements. Kastle Pigeon products are powered by the scientifically tested Alltech® ingredients, and are also designed to give our pigeons the proper ingredients in the right formulations for the varying needs of our birds throughout the year. 

I race my birds under the Kastle Loft flag, having now been back in the sport since 2007. I am a photojournalist by trade, and currently teach multimedia at the University of Kentucky. Some of you may have seen some of my birds on Facebook or Instagram as The Pigeon Photographer. I have been selling a photo calendar of my birds for a few years now and will continue to sell them here in this online store. 

To enjoy my pigeon photos in your social media feeds, please be sure to follow The Pigeon Photographer on Facebook and Instagram. Kastle Pigeon is also on Facebook where you will find information and updates on our products in addition to news and entertaining stories about our sport. And don't forget to sign up below for our email newsletter so you can stay updated with any new products or special offers.

Kastle Pigeon is owned and operated by my wife, Angie, and me. We thank you for visiting and for your confidence in our supplements. 

David Stephenson

Enjoy the video below about The Pigeon Photographer which was broadcast on our state Public Broadcast System.