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Twisted Mitten Loft wins big on Kastle Pigeon supplements

Steve Tacey and his son Steven started off their pigeon racing careers red hot. The pair, who race together as Twisted Mitten Loft in the Frankenmuth Racing Pigeon Club out of Munger, Michigan, capped their first-ever season with a spectacular pigeon that most people wait a lifetime for. With a beautiful red check hen, 6 AU 21 TACE, the Taceys swept two big state awards: 1st Ace Pigeon Michigan and 1st Hall of Fame Michigan. Steven Tacey describes the hen as “small and always claiming the top perch.” Running their team through the dark system and then the light system, the Taceys put in the work to hit the top of the page against as many as 600 birds in...

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George Lorenzo's Racing Pigeons stay healthy with Kastle Pigeon

George Lorenzo of Ki'Kaha Loft sent me some great photos of his birds at his loft in Kapolei, Hawaii. He's been a Kastle Pigeon customer for a while now and wanted me to see how great his birds (and their poop) looked. Take a look at some of his flock and read what he had to say about using Kastle Pigeon products below.  "Hello guys in the past I've been using Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) in my birds water 2X's a week. Then add electrolytes, then add vitamins/minerals afterwards. I didn't want to deal with taking all these steps to achieve the best drinking water for my birds. So, I came across this product called Acidifier Plus. I believe this is...

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Bill Weima and his racing pigeons dominate his combine with 6 wins

I had the pleasure of visiting Toronto on business in August this year. Even better, Guelph flyer Bill Weima took a day of his time to show me around his loft and let me handle some of his world-class racing pigeon stock. I have known Bill for a few years through conversation, but never have I met him in person. He has been a Kastle Pigeon customer from the beginning. Bill also help distribute our products to other local fanciers in his area.  The day I visited, I was lucky to watch some of Bill's pigeons arrive from a couple of races. He had already won his combine once or twice by then. And the wins kept coming. A few weeks...

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