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"They came in like a walk in the park"

I just received this photo of a squeaker along with a note from customer Marco Rodriquez after one of his club races.  "Birds did awesome, came in 2nd and 3rd. I've been using your product, the birds look awesome. I can see the difference, thanks. It was a 150 mile but birds came in easy they didn't even hit the water! It was a training toss for them i was surprised! They came in like it was a walk in the park. Birds are looking awesome i have noticed a big difference on their dropping with this product dropping are about the size of a corn seed. I will show you a picture of the young bird that's on the picture you...

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See you at the Young Bird Show in Louisville!

The National Young Bird show in Louisville is just around the corner. So close, in fact, that I'll be taking a short drive to Freedom Hall to visit with friends, customers and take some more photos and video at the show. Be sure to look for me or give me a call on Saturday so I can find you. I will have some 2017 Pigeon Photo Calendars with me for those of you who would like to save on shipping costs.  Keep my number on hand: (859) 321-4975. I will be there most of the day Saturday, Oct. 29, 2016, but I will not have a vendor table. In the meantime, enjoy this video I shot at the show three years...

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Pigeons light up the night

Brooklyn artist Duke Riley outfitted two thousand pigeons with LED lights and created a show for spectators to enjoy on the backdrop of the Manhattan skyline.  Riley, who is excellent at marketing his art projects, received no shortage of coverage for his unique project. Of all the videos I watched about this, Emily Rhyne of the New Yorker made the best, most cinematic version. She did a fantastic job of shooting and I thoroughly enjoyed the pace and her attention to detail.  Enjoy her video below and watch it full screen to see it at it's best:

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