Pigeon Breeding Cycle Calendar

This is a great little pdf that may help you plan out your pairings by the calendar. You could select a pairing date and it would show you approximately when the pair would lay, have 28 day babies, lay again, etc. etc. It is extremely helpful when using it in reverse. I love using it to determine when my babies will be ready to send out to one loft races or futurities. If, say, you wanted to send a baby off to a one loft race or futurity on March 1, you could instantly see when to pair your birds in order to have 28 day babies on March 1.

And since you're thinking about breeding, have you stocked up on Breeders Advantage yet?


  • Jude Lantier

    can i have one please



  • Richard Linbrunner

    Thank you for your information. I like your products they work well for my birds. I am going to try to download Pigeon breeding calendar.

  • Jim Schwartz

    I would like to get the calendar

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