Kastle Pigeon Performance Advantage has arrived!

After many months of fine tuning, we have Performance Advantage in stock.

When your birds are training, racing or otherwise performing, they are developing and using muscle mass and their systems are under great stress. Performance Advantage uses organic minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and other natural ingredients to aid in building muscle and endurance through enhanced nutrition absorption and mineral balance.

A very special enzyme ingredient helps your bird increase the nutrition they get from their feed and metabolizes their energy to help maximize their intake and output. When seconds count, you want every advantage you can get!

Performance Advantage targets the added nutrient and metabolic demands for endurance, strength and feather quality of racing and performance birds. Additionally, Performance Advantage promotes optimum immunity needed to meet challenges of stresses from transport and exposure to new pathogens when birds from different lofts are mixed.

Performance Advantage is part of Kastle Pigeon’s Nutritional Support System for the life-cycle of racing and show birds. This program includes Breeder Advantage, Young Bird Developer (coming soon!) and Acidifier Plus. Acidifier Plus added to drinking water works with Performance Advantage to promote water intake and optimum pre- and post-flight hydration.


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