Acidifier Plus Kastle Pigeon Supplement, an alternative to apple cider vinegar
Acidifier Plus Kastle Pigeon Supplement probiotics electrolytes enzymes
Acidifier Plus Kastle Pigeon Supplement probiotic acidifier electrolyte enzymes
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Acidifier Plus probiotics, electrolytes and acidifier for pigeons

Acidifier Plus probiotics, electrolytes and acidifier for pigeons


If you are like me, you've used apple cider vinegar and kept a jar of probiotics on hand because you knew that gut health is important to defending against pathogens like e-coli and salmonella. After I discovered and starting using Acidifier Plus many years ago, I haven't used apple cider vinegar even once and I've never bought another jar of probiotics or electrolytes, either.

This incredibly effective and proven product will replace apple cider vinegar as an acidifier, PLUS adds three more ingredients to help simplify your daily water routine in one easy and inexpensive  supplement. If you are already a user of ACV and/or probiotics, Acidifier Plus will take care of those things for you, and then some. It has really made my morning routines much simpler and I can use just this one product for so many things. For the price and ease of use, you just can't beat it. And if you live in a hot, humid climate, you know that hydration is extremely important. Acidifier Plus tastes good to our pigeons and promotes hydration during times of high temperatures and heat stress. Don't put nasty-tasting supplements in the water that discourages your birds from drinking water when they need it the most!

Purpose: For immunity building and pathogen defense in the pigeon gut. Promotes hydration, aids in heat and stress management, digestion and nutrition absorption.

Description: It’s no secret that indiscriminate use of antibiotics is harmful to our birds. Lower your reliance on antibiotics by letting your birds’ natural immunity do the work. Developed by the scientists at Alltech®, Acidifier Plus contains an organic buffered acidifier which increases and maintains the acidity in the digestive tract, creating an environment optimal for beneficial bacterial populations and unfavorable to pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella. With its four essential ingredients, Acidifier Plus also includes probiotics, enzymes (aiding in digestion) and electrolytes to help maintain essential health function and manage symptoms associated with stress. A sweet taste also encourages drinking and hydration.

If your birds are exposed to other birds during shows, shipping, or when being sent to one loft races, you will want them to have improved immunity and pathogen defense. Stronger birds will have stronger results. It is especially important in developing hatchlings, during weaning and other periods of stress and performance. 

Acidifier Plus is a perfect complement to any of our other powdered feed supplements such as Breeder Advantage.

The 250g size includes enough product to make 128 gallons. The 500g size makes 256 gallons and is recommended for fanciers who are mixing water every day for hundreds of birds. 


Acidfier - Buffered acidifier, which reduces and maintains the acidity in the digestive tract, creating an environment optimal for beneficial bacteria and unfavorable to pathogens such as E. coli and salmonella.

Enzymes - Aids in digestion and utilization of feed, reducing digestive stress and increasing nutrition absorption. 

Electrolytes - A great source of sodium and potassium (mineral salts) to help maintain blood chemistry and assist in hydration and fluid balance. 

Probiotics - A combination of beneficial bacteria promoting gut health to help balance the digestive environment with populations of beneficial bacteria and create a hostile environment for pathogen populations such as E. coli and salmonella.