Visiting Tim Kirschner and the Breeder's Fall Classic

Check out a video shot exclusively with a drone of 400 racing pigeons flying over the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains. (More videos and photos will be added to this post as they are ready.)

During a trip to the mountains of North Carolina, I stopped in to visit with Tim Kirschner at the Breeder's Fall Classic

It was a fantastic opportunity to photograph and video some spectacular pigeons. Tim has an equally spectacular view from atop a mountain at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The health of the birds and their eagerness to fly, even in the hot temperatures were impressive. The birds clearly WANTED to fly. They were happy and healthy. Tim is a user of Acidifier Plus as part of his health program. I left him a jar of Young Bird Developer Plus for him to test out and he reported back: 

"Excellent, excellent product. Wish I had been using it all along. With that on the feed, and using the Acidifier Plus, birds have done very well.  Will use it next year from the start. Excellent science behind these products."

I shot thousands of photos and over an hour of video - I'm still editing through them! Please enjoy a small selection of them below and stay tuned for the final edit. You won't want to miss some of the most unusual and beautiful footage from a drone, capturing 400 pigeons from 300 feet above the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Breeder's Fall Classic One Loft Race

Breeder's Fall Classic One Loft Race

Breeder's Fall Classic One Loft Race

Breeder's Fall Classic One Loft Race

Kastle Pigeon Drone photo


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    Need address and phone number to send perch fee. I believe Kenny Rhodes already sent you my information. Thanks for your time. Barry R. Drovie

  • Joseph A. Serrill

    Super photos. Thanks for sharing!!! I like the second photo the best!!

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