Pigeon Beat trailer for Episode 1 is released

Check out the trailer for the upcoming release of the first episode of Pigeon Beat. I'm very excited to announce the creation of this show dedicated to the stories of pigeons. Pigeon Beat, created and produced by David Stephenson is sponsored by Kastle Pigeon.
This episode features Tim Kirschner's Breeders Fall Classic, Jim Ward's Hoosier Classic, and the Mid-American Challenge run by Stephen Michael.
Pigeon Beat documents the great people, places and pigeons of the world. With individual stories of pigeon fanciers and their birds, we will focus on themed episodes to help celebrate, inspire and educate through the unique characters and tradition of the pigeon sport.
Our pilot episode is nearly complete and will feature stories from these three one loft races in America. Future episodes will be produced periodically as time and finances permit.
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    Hi David,

    This video are very good , pigeo n fancier will love this.
    I hope you continue your passion on this sport.

    MP Pigeons
    Edmonton Racing Pigeon Club

  • Jeff cereghin

    I really enjoyed the video

  • Bill Crompton

    Looking forward to it. Nice Work!

  • Glenn Mills

    Love reading about pigeons

  • Glenn Mills

    Love reading about pigeons

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