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Welcome to the pilot episode of Pigeon Beat, created and produced by David Stephenson and sponsored by Kastle Pigeon.

Pigeon racing began as a sport where fanciers could breed their birds and race them back to their home lofts. But new forms of entertainment and technology now compete against the hobby. Traditional club racing has shrunk, many clubs have dissolved, and the number of racers is declining.

But in the 1980’s, a new form of the sport began to take hold: One Loft Racing. No longer did feed, training or wind play a role in determining a winner. Nor did a breeder need to belong to a club to race his pigeons against some of the best in the country. It is both a revolution and evolution of the hobby and many fanciers believe it will save the sport. It has become a lucrative breeding competition with prizes in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

In this episode of Pigeon Beat we take an insiders look at three of the smallest and largest races in America. We meet their owners and learn more about the highlights and struggles from their lofts. Join us as we travel to Tim Kirschner’s Breeders Fall Classic in North Carolina, Stephen Michael’s new Mid-America Challenge in Iowa, and Jim Ward’s Hoosier Classic, the first million-dollar purse in pigeon racing in America.


Pigeon Beat documents the great people, places and pigeons of the world. With individual stories of pigeon fanciers and their birds, we will focus on themed episodes to help celebrate, inspire and educate through the unique characters and tradition of the pigeon sport.

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Websites of the One Loft Races featured in this episode are:

Breeders Fall Classic
Mid-American Challenge
Hoosier Classic

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  • Mark Helfrich

    Very well done and informative. Had fun watching it. Professional product. Thanks

  • Dennis Nakashima

    Very interesting! I got to give that last guy credit for having to care for so many pigeons. The Hoosier Classic. Perhaps, my friend who lives up in Kula, Maui, and has lots of room for birds, may want to take on this kind of challenge. He mainly has white pigeons, and also known for the superb quality of his birds.

  • Tommy De Vera

    I am so glad to learn that more OLRs are being conducted, as well as, new natural products being introduced to keep our birds healthy. Thanks Kastle Pigeon. Keep it up!

  • Treston Sadler, Hyrum UT

    Way Cool! 🐦 🏁 Thanks for making the video! Looking forward to the next one!

  • Heymans Pigeons

    Dear fancier friends

    Wat a great,big progress the USA made, in more than 30 years of pigeonfancier sport anno 2018! I play several olr’s in Europe. I hope one’s up in a time, to have some pigeons of my in a olr of the USA 😎
    Good luck with all efforts! Greets out of Belgium.

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