Kastle Pigeon Customer Testimonial: Steve Simes

Steve Simes lives not too far away from me in Kentucky, so I'm lucky that I get to see him in person every once in a while. Steve has a beautiful loft and even more beautiful birds housed inside. When I started selling the Kastle Pigeon supplements, Steve was one of the first to begin using Acidifier Plus. He sent me this update to let me know how it has been working for him. I'm so happy to hear the great news, Steve!

"Approximately three years ago, despite properly medicating, I began to lose several homers each year to what appeared to be Coccidiosis; sadly, in amongst them were some of my most prized birds.  


I started using Acidifier Plus immediately after Kastle Pigeon began offering it, and I began noticing its positive effects within a week.


After over forty years, and thousands of hours watching my birds, like all experienced fanciers (yes I'm British), I know when they are well (or not), and I am convinced that my birds are in tip-top shape thanks in a big way to Acidifier Plus, which I put in their water every day.    


The 'icing on the cake' for me is the simple fact that I have not had a single case of Coccidiosis since using this excellent product from Kastle Pigeon.  Thank you David for all of your help and support over the last five years."


~ Steve Simes, Elizabethtown Kentucky

Check out some of Steve's birds below:

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