Introducing our new Young Bird Developer Plus formula with added virus support

Kastle Pigeon Young Bird Supplement

Viruses are my biggest fear. Every pigeon breeder should have a good health program to defend against viruses, including vaccinations. But what more can we do? I turned back to Alltech® for a solution, and their Sel-Plex® was the answer. So now we have added that ingredient to a new formula of Young Bird Developer, a product that already created huge immune system and development benefits for our growing pigeon babies, especially when they are exposed to other birds.

Selenium is a vital element for all animals and is difficult to uptake in nature.

Sel-Plex® is Alltech's proprietary organic form of selenium yeast manufactured to mimic Mother Nature, thus better absorbed, stored and utilized by the animal than inorganic selenium. Selenium plays an essential role in metabolism, orchestrating normal growth, launching reproductive efforts, neutralizing free radicals and supporting the body’s normal defence mechanism against infection. Supported by more than 18 years of research, Sel-Plex® is the most researched and proven form of organic selenium and is also the only FDA reviewed and first EU approved source of organic selenium. Alltech is currently the world's largest producer of natural, organic selenium yeast.

In addition to overall health benefits mentioned above, organic Selenium plays a positive role in how animals deal with viral infections. This is a highly researched product and while Selenium does not prevent virus-induced disease, Selenium supplementation appears to play a pivotal role in reducing the severity of the infection. Here is a short article by Alltech® on the benefits of organic Selenium in animals.

This is a great product for breeders who have a history of virus infections or who may be exposing their pigeons to other birds at shows, race crates, one loft races or futurities.

Young Bird Developer + is available in 500g jars and in 2.5kg pails. And if you aren't too concerned about viruses, you can still use the original formula. 

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  • Denis Mactagone

    Good morning, What is the self life on your products. I don’t have too many pigeons and in the pass have purchased products that go bad in 3 months. let me know. Aloha Denis

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