Customer Profile: Special Delivery for Leroy Carreira

During a recent trip down I-75, I was fortunate to be able to make a quick stop at the racing pigeon loft and home of Leroy Carreira of Kennesaw, Georgia. Leroy is a customer of Kastle Pigeon and had ordered one of our pails of Breeder Advantage, so why not just deliver it in person? It was a short visit, but I had a great time meeting both Leroy and his pigeons, especially some of the M&D Evans stock (of which I am a known fan). He also has some beautiful specimens from the Dream Boy and Antoine Jacops families.

Leroy raced pigeons in Hawaii before moving to Georgia last year and will be soon racing with the North Atlanta Racing Pigeon Club. He said he has had great help from members of the club like Charlie Cole since moving to such a different climate than what he was accustomed to in Hawaii.

Leroy started with chickens as a kid, and came to rollers about 8 years ago. But about 4 years ago, one of his buddies dropped off some racers for Leroy to try out.  "I felt the muscle and the balance, and you could feel that strength and the live, vibrant spirit in the racers. Rollers just sit in your hands. The racers just did it. I gave up the rollers immediately. I'm stuck on these suckers now," he said. Even though he doesn't have chickens, much of what he learned from breeding them has carried over into his pigeon program.

One thing was very clear to me after handling many of his birds: Leroy knows health! His birds were vibrant, full-bodied but not heavy, and had incredibly soft feathering. Glancing over his shelf of supplies, I saw very little medications which tells me that he is a big believer in natural health. That must be why he's a Kastle PIgeon customer! 

Leroy says he does not use much medicine at all or very little. "I believe in the probiotics, vitamins and minerals. That is the key. I think when you lack in one or more of those areas, that's when the health starts to break down. I try to stay as natural as possible," he explained.

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Above are two M&D Evans imports, including a son of Black National and a daughter of Cruise Missile. Leroy says he has high hopes for this pair. 


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