Are you tired of slime in your drinkers? Acidifier Plus can help

I've been using Acidifier Plus for so long, that I have taken for granted the additional benefit of the reduction in slime in my waterers. I was reminded a few weeks ago by a customer who was telling me about how he had less slime build up since using this product.

With the help of my daughter in this video, I do a little test showing you what a drinker looks like every day while using Acidifier Plus. I changed water each day and added one scoop of product per gallon of water. I did not rinse the drinkers, and it was in the high 80's and topped 90 degrees a few days. I just dumped the water and made a new batch every morning. After 21 days, I got tired of shooting the video so I stopped. I figure that was long enough to make the point.

Acidifier Plus has proven health benefits for your birds, including acidification of the water, probiotics, digestive enzymes and electrolytes. But let's not forget about the benefits to us fanciers! It's inexpensive, simple to use, and makes life a little easier.



  • David

    Thanks John, George and Steve!
    Baron, yes, you can give it every day if you’d like and it can be mixed with other medications although it’s probably not necessary. It’s more helpful to give it to the birds AFTER a medication.

  • john glemser

    I Said I would give my reply on this Acidifier plus It is all you said and more the best stuff I ever used my birds look great my droppings in the loft are right can’t wait to fly old birds on this Acidifier Thank You John Glemser of

  • Baron Salcedo

    Can I give this Acidifier Plus everyday and can I mix if with other medications?
    Are you going to be at Big Apple Pigeons Show in Connecticut?

  • George wright

    Really impressed with this video will be using this product

  • Steve Royer

    Very clever!!

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