We are celebrating a year of learning and appreciation

Exactly one year ago, my wife and I launched our Kastle Pigeon store. It was the culmination of more than three years of research and internal debate. When I returned to racing pigeons 10 years ago, starting a small business wasn't on my radar. 

Like most pigeon breeders, I was constantly trying to learn how to get the most out of my birds without screwing them up. That's easier said than done as we are faced with constant "expert" advice and advertisements. Through my friends at the neighboring Alltech headquarters, I discovered their scientifically researched and tested products. I was tired of wives' tales, anecdotes and unproven theories about supplements. The Alltech products worked on my birds and I knew they would work for you. Thankfully, Alltech agreed to help me dial it in just right to meet the demands of our pigeons.

I'll admit now that starting the Kastle Pigeon business was more fun and enlightening than I had imagined. I also underestimated how many new friends I would make here in the USA and from far beyond the borders of our country. The feedback that I'm getting makes me puff up as if my own birds had won 1st place in a 500 mile combine race.

I'll never forget our first order a year ago (thanks Bob Lynch!). It was both exciting and nerve-wracking. What felt even better, however, was the first repeat customer. That's when I knew Kastle Pigeon would make it.

Now, I can proudly say we have customers in the USA, Canada, England, Ireland, Belgium, Qatar, Dubai, South Africa, Philippines, and Australia. And I hope soon to expand that list of countries even more! 

Let us offer to you a sincere thanks and appreciation for your support and friendship. I hope dearly that we can celebrate many more anniversaries together. 

~ David and Angie Stephenson

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